The A-team

Arjan and Amanda met in 1998 while studying. He liked her dreadlocks and she liked his blue eyes. Occasional motorcycle rides through the Netherlands during college classes were already indications of adventure, freedom and “just a little bit different than average.

The well-paying job then seemed to offer a bright future, but there was a nagging feeling that said, there had to be more to life. In 2004, they decided to leave everything behind and travel the world in search of a Utopia, adventure and peace. Armed with their own insight and strength, they traveled through Africa, Asia and Australia. But they could not shake off the emptiness and purposelessness of life. Until God made Himself known to them during the journey, and they stepped into a relationship with Him. Rest, purpose and peace were the result.

The “just a little bit different”-A team was reinforced. The Almighty linked Himself to this couple to form a triple cord. The real A-team was born. A new, now spiritual adventure could begin.

reinforced team

After 9 years of being equipped in an active church in central Holland, God’s challenge came to step out on the water. To walk by faith in God and leave the boat of comfort and security behind. An adventure of faith that led them to central Madagascar to bring people closer to God. Doors were opened to heal the sick weekly at the local hospital, bring a light to the prison and teach local Christians.

In 2019, they returned to the Netherlands and mainly led Bible studies to strengthen Christians in their faith. In between, they jumped in where extra hands were needed with various friends, doing a work for God in Spain, Brazil and South Africa, among others.

After spending 5 years in the Netherlands, a new season seems to be beginning with once again the call: step on the water.


Live Jesus,
always and everywhere

Netherlands or Farawayland,
God’s power is the same.


Called to cooperate with the Almighty to live the victorious life of Jesus and bring others along in it.

We do this through practical teaching and discipleship.

Adventures with God

What He can do through us, He can do through you.