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Take a 
 on the water when Jesus says: Come!

God wants to move mightily. He is looking for people, who have the courage to move with Him in full trust and surrender.

Called to cooperate with the Almighty to live the victorious life of Jesus and bring others along in it.

I can only say what my Father says.

– Arjan

How far are you willing to go with God? God is infinite.

– Amanda

Adventures with God!
What He can do through us, He can do through you.

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Be encouraged by statements from heroes of faith:

Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but holding on to His willingness.

Maarten Luther

We have not yet seen, what God can do through someone, who has completely surrendered to Him.

D.L. Moody

Never ask God to do anything that He has already done.

Never ask God to do anything He has told you to do.

T.L. Osborn

Live Jesus,
always and everywhere

Netherlands or Farawayland,
God’s power is the same.

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