The days are having more daylight again. An anticipation for the dawn of a new season is in the air. Since the passing of Amanda’s father, we have sought the Lord what His further plans are. No peace came to go out again. Even the idea […]
A global movement has been going on for some time. Back to square one. Back to the roots, the beginning. This is going on in all sorts of areas. More and more people are growing some fruits and vegetables themselves in their gardens. Or others buy […]
The past 2 months have been somewhat turbulent. At the beginning of this month, Amanda’s father unexpectedly fast went to be with Jesus at the age of 80. He unfortunately could not overcome pneumonia. But what a departure it has been. Answer to prayer after answer […]
A new year, 2023. A year of new revelations of God. A deeper knowledge of Him for all who desire this.God wants to show Himself mightily this year. He is on the move. The ripples have already begun. Are we stepping in? I started my 1st […]
Our efforts over the past month are over again. Arjan was able to use his running talent in the relay race. With 12 runners they covered 240 kilometres (150 miles) in 2 days, raising a wonderful amount of 7500 euros in the end. His legs were […]
The Lord does have a sense of humor. The previous blog post was about resting in God, but this month seems to be a month of movement. Arjan had already planned to participate in a relay race at the end of the month. But for Amanda, […]
The vacation season is coming to an end. Many have had free time to take a break from work and relax with family or friends. We too have had a wonderful time camping in a tent in France. We met new people, could share our testimonies […]
Imagine a busy market in a distant foreign land. It is hot and dusty and a bustling place with lots of trade and activity. People are walking back and forth and the shouts of market workers can be heard from all sides. Skinny stray dogs scurry […]
‘Time flies’ is a familiar saying. And it is also appropriate now. How long it has been since we posted! The winter is over. We are moving forward in the Kingdom of God. In recent times the Lord has caused us to grow in a deeper […]