What must we do to get peace with God?

That was the question people asked the apostle Peter. And he gave this answer:

Peter mentioned these three parts to be born as a child of God. He did not mean that, by doing these actions, people would earn their salvation, but he meant it as a response or confirmation to God’s salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The new birth or birth as a child of God begins with the repentance of sin and turning to God being accompanied by faith in the finished work of Jesus for you. (see GOD’S ACTION)
Then there is the baptism into Christ and the baptism with the Holy Spirit. The order of these two is not fixed. We see both sequences occurring in the Bible. ( Acts 2 verse 38; 1 John 5 verses 7-8; Acts 8 verses 12-17; Acts 10 verses 43-48)