Adventures with God!
What He can do through us, He can do through you.

The days are having more daylight again. An anticipation for the dawn of a new season is in the air. Since the passing of Amanda’s father, we have sought the […]
The past 2 months have been somewhat turbulent. At the beginning of this month, Amanda’s father unexpectedly fast went to be with Jesus at the age of 80. He unfortunately […]
Our efforts over the past month are over again. Arjan was able to use his running talent in the relay race. With 12 runners they covered 240 kilometres (150 miles) […]
The Lord does have a sense of humor. The previous blog post was about resting in God, but this month seems to be a month of movement. Arjan had already […]
‘Time flies’ is a familiar saying. And it is also appropriate now. How long it has been since we posted! The winter is over. We are moving forward in the […]