‘Time flies’ is a familiar saying. And it is also appropriate now. How long it has been since we posted!
The winter is over. We are moving forward in the Kingdom of God. In recent times the Lord has caused us to grow in a deeper relationship with Him. The home groups have also been blessed. People are growing in their identity in Christ. The Lord is leading us to LIVE His Word even more.

Madagascar is closed for us so far, although our desire is growing to edify the Christians there in their faith.
Last fall, they were shaken greatly there when Louisa, our friend and pastor, while in the hospital healing the sick through prayer, was struck by a stroke herself. She could no longer speak and her right side no longer worked. From the beginning she indicated that it was an attack of witchcraft. A very real thing in this country.
But God’s power is greater! Louisa is recovering beyond measure. Her speech is back and she can walk and move her arm again!
Indeed, when they had a renovation on the church building this winter, they found a small bottle in the ground near the back door with various attributes in it, such as needles. A well-known fact in Madagascar, indicating a curse that had been brought upon them. They were able to find out that it had been placed there at the end of the summer.
The enemy is not sitting still to attack the work of God, but Jesus is King!

Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3 verse 8

The curse is broken. God’s work is expanding!

These are tumultuous times. Everything is being shaken up. Our attention is drawn in all directions. Circumstances scream and push us in all sorts of directions. But the Lord is calling us: Go back to your source.
Especially in these times, it is important to return to the source. God Himself.
He is the source of life. He wants our attention to be on Him. In Him is peace and acceptance. He wants to reveal Himself and His plans and passions to us. So that He can do another special work in us and around us.
Just as a weary traveler takes rest at a well to drink and be refreshed, so too should every believer take time again and again at the well of life to draw from God’s insights, wisdom and grace. Back to the source.

Psalm 103 tells us not to forget any of His benefits. What are those benefits? His blood that flowed for you to free you from sin, His constant love and grace for you, God’s provision for you. Just to name a few.
Back to the source, bring to mind, do not forget. For God Himself is your source and your strength. He provides rest, joy and direction.

Life’s journey may have wounded, tired or disappointed you. But don’t keep trudging on.
Go back to the source!

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