A global movement has been going on for some time. Back to square one. Back to the roots, the beginning. This is going on in all sorts of areas. More and more people are growing some fruits and vegetables themselves in their gardens. Or others buy a piece of land somewhere to live quietly and be self-sufficient. Organic food, making your own healthy products, such as kefir or kombucha, is also very popular. In the interior design field, there is a trend in natural products such as wood. We also see a growing interest in nature burial. You see it in all kinds of areas.

People want to go back. But back to what? Back to the way things were. There is a growing desire for authenticity and not fake. Because what is still real in this world? Pictures are pimped up, the wrinkles ironed out, a filter over them. All kinds of images created with A.I. that appear lifelike. But are not real. What is still true, what is still real?
Underground there is a dissatisfaction going on, a longing for authenticity and simplicity. And perhaps purity as well.

I believe God is moving mightily in these last days (as the Bible calls it) to draw people to Himself. A desire and power that moves people to return to their Creator. It is His love that calls. Some fill it by going back to nature. But deep inside, they long for their Creator, whom they have not yet met. Back to the beginning, where Adam and Eve walked in the garden with God and tilled the garden. In harmony with God, each other and nature. The origin.

Last summer even before the war began in Israel, there was a report from a prominent Rabbi Lundin, that since 1948 never so many Jews have engaged with God. Applications for Torah schools and women’s study houses had skyrocketed.
But even now very recently, in all the misery going on in Israel, there is an increasing percentage of praying Israeli soldiers as high as 90%. God is bringing His people back to His heart.

This power is also at work in the Christian world. Christians who were tired or disappointed are beginning to return to their God, to their first love.
There is a growing desire to see God move in their own lives and in the world. A desire for God to add people from all walks of life to His Bride. To cleanse them of their sins and make them His children. This desire is not their own but is being worked by God Himself.
The Spirit is urging more and more Christians that it is serious. That it is time to go into their “inner room” for time and prayer with God so that they will be filled with His love and power. And be able to face the turmoil going on around the world.

There is a great battle going on between light and darkness. Which is already described in the Bible. The darkness is working hard to set up a world system (Agenda 2030). The net of control is closing more and more around humanity. And few see the trap.
The development of 15-minute cities, growing number of cameras, the cash disappearing, everything linked to the phone, bank account and digital ID. Your phone or watch measuring everything you do and where you go. And for convenience, we allow ourselves to be served by technologies, which think for us. Etc. etc.
It all sounds harmless, but all of this is very beneficial and convenient for people to be monitored and then controlled. It no longer teaches people to think for themselves.
In this whole plan it is openly stated, that “by 2030 no one will own property and is happy. This is an extraordinary statement…
This pursuit of total control is not new. This has always been the character of darkness from the beginning. Enslaving and dominating people.
But where does that leave the freedom that God gave mankind?

But the end of this age is also already known! God will overcome, even though we are still going through a (to put it mildly) very eventful time.
The encouragement for us now is: God is also mightily in motion! He is encouraging and preparing His children (Bride) to shine in this last time and to meet the Bridegroom. For Jesus is coming back soon. Everything points to it.

Dear people, get serious, time is short, go back to the Source. Turn to the Lord, seek Him to hear from Him how each of us can move along in His great plan. He is only too willing to make it known to us all.

Call to Me and I will answer you and I will make known to you great and mighty things of which you do not yet know. – Jeremiah 33 verse 3

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