The days are having more daylight again. An anticipation for the dawn of a new season is in the air.
Since the passing of Amanda’s father, we have sought the Lord what His further plans are. No peace came to go out again. Even the idea of moving somewhere else, since we are still living in her father’s house, did not give confirmation in our hearts. We looked at several places, but each time there was no click and joy with that option. But the thought, which did keep coming up was: you can stay.
We became convinced that God wants to do something with the house and the region we live in. And that the house will come into our possession. Which means, therefore, that we have to buy Amanda’s brother and sister out.

What a thought, that God wants to give us the house to use for His purpose and Kingdom. From living in a little apartment to a detached house. Talk about an upgrade!
So once again we are stepping into a great adventure of faith. This time not to rely on Him for a work in Africa, but closer to HOME and in a different way. To come to know Him even better as an abundantly providing Father, even in large finances.

As children of God, we are all meant to trust Him more and more in all areas of our lives. Be it salvation, forgiveness, health or finances. The Word of God tells us who God is, how good He is and how much He loves us. In cooperation with us, He wants to show Himself to the world and bring blessing to people.
God clearly says that whoever connects with God is blessed. In Deuteronomy 28 there is a list of blessings available to His children. One of those blessings is that we will lend to many, but do not have to borrow ourselves. A mortgage is also a loan….

Yet God means what He says and promises. And He longs for His children to trust (=believe) Him on His Word and have the courage to start expecting those blessings.
The question applies to each of us: how far are you willing to go with God in terms of trusting Him in your life? This is not a “must,” but a free choice. He is trustworthy. He cannot lie about what He has promised. But the thorny issue lies with us. Do we have the courage to trust Him in all kinds of areas of our lives? And do we dare to trust Him more and more?

Hmm, buying a house while not taking out a loan. That sounds like a great miracle. This makes the wheels in our human thinking jam. We run up against our ceiling, as it were, and bump our ‘head’. But God says: the roof must come off, because I am so much greater than the natural. For I am super-natural!
For God, nothing is impossible. And He proves that throughout the Bible. From bread from heaven for a few million people and for 40 years(!), a sea and rivers that split open to be crossed dry-footed, a birth from a virgin, healing of incurable diseases to the dead becoming alive again. These are not made-up stories from a book, but a living God, telling how He really is. He challenges people to start trusting Him for special things.

And how wonderful it is that we don’t have to be perfect to receive anything from God. What a relaxation that gives. Because of His done work on the cross, everything is set free for us to receive. It is on the basis of trust (believing).

The righteous will live by faith (or trust in God’s goodness). -Romans 1 verse 17

Living in the broadest sense of the word. So also being blessed and seeing God’s miracles.

In short: God is pushing us to a whole new level of trusting Him. An upgrade. Exciting. But an adventure of faith is always exciting!

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