A new post about our adventures. There is movement around the house story. But different movement than we initially thought. The Lord had given us a date to live toward. But when the date passed and there was no movement on the finances for buying the house, we sought the Lord again.
Now what? The words we received were: Let go of the house. Give it to Me.
Okay, a different upgrade than we thought, but following Him is more valuable than sticking to our own views. His plans are always much better.
The house is now for sale and our future is once again completely blank. ‘Whatever the future may bring…’ A new adventure with God. Destination still unknown.

In the meantime we have not been idle. The website, in Dutch and English had major hiccups, so we had to completely rebuild it. This took some sweat and hours, but both are now up and running again. Ready for the new adventures. Feel free to take a look through our website.

So the time of disconnecting and getting rid of stuff has begun. While cleaning up, Amanda came across an old poster with the following text:

Waiting for a miracle
I have heard that many of you are waiting for a miracle,
a miracle that I, your God, will save the world.
How can I save without your hands?
How will I administer justice without your voice?
How will I love without your hearts?
From the seventh day, I handed over everything,
all My creation and My miracle power.
Not you, but I am now waiting for the miracle.

God loves to work through ordinary people!
Last week there was a viewing of the house and Amanda thought of what she would do in the meantime. She decided to drive the car to the polder and park the car at a pasture driveway and quietly read the Bible there. After half an hour, she heard a woman’s voice asking if she could take pictures of the car because she liked the Jesus texts so much. Of course!
They got to talking and it turned out that this woman was in great need. Amanda was allowed to pray with her and encourage her. Both experienced that God had masterfully planned this encounter.
How miraculously God works. Amanda had asked God where she would park her car, left or right in the polder. And it became that particular spot where God sent a woman on a bicycle who was in need.

A life with God is not boring!


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